Tandem Bank Motion Graphics

Skills: Motion graphics, Performance Marketing

Tandem, a leading challenger bank, wanted to enrich their existing branding by developing their motion graphics.

The company wanted to appear more polished to appeal to different demographics whilst also remaining engaging through the existing brandings organic, DIY aesthetics. Using motion graphics, they wanted to communicate their message more effectively through marketing assets, social media and animated illustrations. I used smooth, precise movements to make the anarchic handdrawn elements appear more polished whilst maintaining a sense of fun where appropriate.

This page shows:

A set of video ads used for Instagram and Facebook infeed. The ads use a mix of animation and footage shot in office on a DSLR and use subtitles so they function with or without sound.

A collection of animated illustrations, using the pre-existing illustration style. These can be used as in-app animations, on landing pages, on social and in CRM and marketing emails.

A collection of reaction GIFs to be used by the social media and customer services teams whilst talking to the public. These allow team members to keep messaging consistent and on brand.